THE FOREST MRCOG COURSES are renowned for their high success rate throughout the UK. The courses are organised and run by the same consultants who made the Whipps cross MRCOG courses such a great success – Mr Dilip Visvanathan and Mr Bashir Dawlatly.

Due to circumstances beyond our control the course location had to be shifted outside the premises of Whipps Cross Hospital. However we have kept the same format and excellent lecturers who have participated in the courses in the past. We always aim to improve our success rate by adding new generation of lecturers who are fresh and up-to-date with the exams.

  • Part 2 Course

    The Part 2 course runs over a period of 9 days usually including 2 weekends. The lectures cover the majority of the exam modules and each lecture is usually followed by a relevant mock exam to make sure all aspects of the module are covered.

  • Part 3 Course

    The Part 3 course is a three day course, usually Friday to Sunday. 

    • Day 1 the focus on developing the skills in the 5 domains that are assessed in the exam. Information gathering is taught in a way you cannot forget.
      Communication with the patients and relatives, how to answer difficult questions, how to start and how to finish the station is well covered.
      Communication with colleagues in different stations is rehearsed.
      Patient safety issues relevant to a variety of situations are discussed. While Applied clinical knowledge and their relevance for different stations is well coverd.
    • Day 2 is the mock exam day in the morning simulating the exam with at least 14 stations. Feedback is given after each station.
    • Day 3 covers the unusual stations with one role player one examiner and one candidate to perform in front of all candidates, then discussion about what was good and what needed improvement takes place as a group discussion. Audit, instruments, statistics for part 3 are discussed too.

Places are limited and we get booked early.
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